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Where can I study in the world for free?

According to IBEF, the education industry in India is estimated at US$ 109.6 billion in 2021. In 2020-21, there were 9700 AICTE approved colleges and the number is ever increasing. India is considered as a country of youngest population offers a great opportunity for business in the education sector. The educational fees in schools and colleges are sky-rocketed.

Though Government colleges offer nominal fees, they have a very less number of student intake. And this huge competition among students forces them to go to private institutions charging high tuition fees. And then going abroad for higher studies adds much cost to education. Just to let you know, if you wish to go for studies abroad, you will need a transcript certificate from your respective university (for example a student from Pune university will need a Pune University online transcripts to submit at foreign institutes). So with this increased cost in education, what if I tell you can study for free and that too in foreign universities? Surprising, right?

There are many European countries that offer free or very inexpensive education. The tuition cost for national and international students in Public Universities in these countries is almost free. Let’s see where we can study for free.


Germany attracts students from around the world for having free tuition fees in their colleges. There are nominal admission and registration charges that a student needs to pay for the smooth administration of the college. But it has been noted that few public universities have reintroduced tuition fees for international students and soon many other colleges will do the same.


France is another country that offers affordable education. It is advisable that you should have knowledge of the French language as most public universities use French as a Medium of Instruction. No need to worry if you don’t know the language, many colleges has started adopting English as MoI.

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland offer free-of-charge education to both national and international students. In some colleges, students may have to pay fees of 1 semester. Like France, colleges in Norway have their graduation courses in the Norwegian language. Though post-graduation courses are mainly taught in English.

Countries like Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and other EU countries also offer very less or no college fees. While the fee structure for EU and Non-EU students might differ, it is advisable that students check the same with the respective colleges. You will also need to check the required documents for admission to these universities. You might need an IELTS/TOEFL score, Medium of Instruction certificate, transcript certificate, etc. We Worldwide Transcript provide services like an online transcript, credential evaluation, MoI certificate, etc. So if you are going abroad you can count on us for the same.

So, we now know where we can get a quality education for free. While the cost of education in these countries is less, the student should not ignore the cost of living as well. Therefore if you thinking of going to these countries, then also evaluate factors such as climate, cost of living, employment opportunities, etc.



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