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Trending Applications of GPS Fleet Tracking Systems Solutions

GPS fleet tracking systems and services help  track  business equipment and help to maintain them.. GPS fleet tracking  uses GPS navigation systems to track vehicles and to transmit information.  The entire navigation prospects are  under the control of GPS tracking systems and hereby, the GPS applications have emerged with several features  that could reasonably help the residents and business perspectives in a very beneficial manner. Even though the applications have been developed, there are several trending updated and upcoming applications in the works Some of the trending applications that make use of GPS fleet tracking systems and solutions are discussed below.

Globally Trending Applications to Track Fleet Using GPS

  • Google Street View and Google Maps API Premier

The Google Street View and Google Maps are one of the most commonly used and a globally trending GPS fleet tracking applications that combines a powerful sector of both the dispatchers and the management within the driver seat through the provision of access to enable both high level and street level area map views and several functional capabilities. The Google Maps API Premier interface provides people with instant access to  24/7 vehicle location tracking and location monitoring services. This application provides satellite views and in-depth reporting capabilities, which could be easily updated to provide the current traffic information. This application provides faster routing and enhances the strategies needed to avoid traffic jams and other specific delays. Users could be able to get instant access to the replay of routes with every vehicle in the fleet. Both the Google Street View and Maps will work together to streamline the route planning and execution aspects of a fleet,   increasing  the efficiency of drivers and  enhancing  the customer satisfcation  in a very beneficial manner

  • Mobile App

Today, the development of GPS tracking systems and the smart phones  with GPS support helps people in offering the portable, full featured and completely functioning version of GPS vehicle tracking systems and applications. These applications could be integrated and installed on mobile and smart phones with GPS support. Mobile applications will provide faster real time access to track and locate vehicles, and to get alerts, reports and dashboards anytime, anywhere with the help of Android and several API platforms. This new GPS mobile feature will allow users to run  fleets in several smoother ways.

  • Garmin Integrations and Panoramic Reporting

Garmin is a new application that provides access for the drivers to get audible turn by turn routing directions in any kind of location. This will also help the dispatchers to communicate and to broadcast urgent messages to all the technicians. The streamlined flow and efficiency of this particular application will allow  users  to integrate with reporting diagnostics. Here Panoramic reporting software will help the users to capture strong vehicle performance metrics and thereby help the users to track the fleet of vehicles in simple means.

The writer claims that the above mentioned applications are the most efficient and the most popular applications that have been trending globally and have been used by people worldwide to track the vehicles in a very easy manner.



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