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Merapi Jeep Adventure Challenging Trip in Merapi

Merapi Jeep Adventure is one of the most popular things you can do when visiting Merapi. This activity can be a great way to give you fun and pumping your adrenaline in exploring mount Merapi side. If you are visiting Merapi, you should not miss this new jeep adventure and explore around Merpi side to see the impact and ruins that caused by the last eruption of Merapi. This is become the different way to explore the beauty of nature in Merapi that will give you both fun and challenging experience. You can take trip around mount Merapi and visit places in Merapi side to see the beauty of nature and the witness during eruption. For several hours, you can take off road adventure with jeep and visiting places by places to see the effect of eruption. 

When taking this adventure, you will bring to visit many places in Merapi side and you will see the rest of things after eruption. It will be excited and challenging to explore places in Merapi side with different way which is fun. Well, here places you can go during your trip in jeep Merapi adventure track.

  1. Visiting Village that Affected by Eruption

In the trip of Merapi Jeep Adventure, the visitors can choose the route that they will take. It can be short, medium, or long route. During the trip, the visitor will bring to the several places in Merapi side to see the impact of the eruption. The visitors can visit some villages that got the impact of eruption such as Kaliadem and Petung village. Here, you can see the ruin and the rest of building that have broken because of the eruption. You can also take off road jeep adventure to see beautiful sunrise in Merapi with Merapi jeep sunrise tour.

  1. MusemSisaHartaku

This museum is built by family where there are many rest of family treasures. In this museum, you will find the rest of family treasure such as broken motorcycle, animal skull, and there is clock that show the time when the eruption was happened. It is such an interesting place to visit when you are in Merapi.

  1. Bunker in Kaliadem

This bunker becomes popular place to visit in Merapi. This bunker becomes the witness of 2006 eruption where there are two people who found dead inside the bunker. They try to save themselves but they trapped inside. Despite from that tragedy, there is beautiful view around the bunker and becomes beautiful spot to visit.

  1. Alien Stone and Gajah Stone

During the eruption, there are many materials that thrown out from the mountain such as big stones. There are two big stones from the eruption that now become popular, they are batu alien and batugajah where you can see them during you trip with jeep.

If you are visiting mount Merapi in Yogyakarta, do not forget to try different way to have adventure and explore Merapi side. Get the challenging, fun, and shaky adventure with Merapi Jeep Adventure.



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