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10 Influencers in Cosmetics

Fashion blogging has been on the rise for the past decade, with thousands upon thousands of makeup and cosmetics blogs popping up every month. This means that the influencer market for the cosmetics industry is more competitive than ever. As a reference, data shows that major cosmetics companies are expected to spend 30 to 75 percent of their 2016 marketing budgets on partnerships with key trendsetters and tastemakers. What’s more, they expect an increase of 59 percent in spending on their inflluencer marketing campaigns. Social media influencer platforms have affected the cosmetic industry as these media celebs are becoming more and more involved in how consumers make their decisions.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 influencers in cosmetics and learn a little more about them:

Nikkie De Jager – NikkieTutorials

Netherlands-based Nikkie is famous for her NikkieTutorials YouTube page which has more than 4.8 million followers and thousands of videos on make-up and cosmetics. She started her video blog back 2008 after being inspired by other cosmetic bloggers and her passion for this ever-changing industry.

She is currently the Netherlands #1 beauty guru and is a member of the Colorfool Agency, Holland & Benelux Next Top Model Agency, The Face, and Miljoenenjacht.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is one of the most respected fashion and beauty bloggers in the world. Currently based in London, she previously worked and lived in Paris, Los Angeles and New York, where she regularly worked with some of the world’s top photographers and fashion journalists, including Mert & Marcus, Patrick Demarchelier or David Sims. She worked for important fashion magazines, such as Love, Allure, Elle, and Vogue. Lisa worked on the makeup of various celebrities, including Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Kate Winslet. Her experience in the industry is portrayed in her book, launched in 2015, Face Paint: The Story of Makeup.

Emily Weiss – Into The Gloss

Emily is the CEO and founder of Into The Gloss, a company and think-tank that wants to reclaim, rethink and redefine makeup and beauty. Based in New York, Emily and her team of 35 employees run a website and blog that teaches the secrets of modern cosmetics and makeup. The most popular feature on the website is the acclaimed Top Shelf, a place where everyone can check out what some of the most well-known women hide in their beauty cabinets.

Madeleine Spencer – Madeleineloves

Self-described as a beauty obsessive and product addict, Madeleine Spencer runs one of the most popular cosmetics and makeup blogs online, Her blog is neatly divided into different sections, including Nails, Skincare, Makeup, Scent, and Body, among many others. The Interview section features interviews with some of the leaders in the cosmetic industry, but the most interesting section is The Panic Station, an area where she discusses the psychological benefits of makeup and how it relates to social anxiety and other mental issues.

Robin Black – Beauty Is Boring

Robin has worked for nearly a decade as editor for popular fashion and cosmetics magazines VOGUE, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, before setting up her own website. Over the years, she worked her makeup magic on ladies like Olivia Wilde, Eva Mendes, Kerry Washington and Amber Heard. Her blog features various makeup artistry, backstage photos, all followed by step-by-step instructions, together with a list of products required to recreate the look.


Zoella, real name Zoe, is United Kingdom’s superstar when it comes to beauty, makeup, and cosmetics. The 26-year old has conquered the online world and currently has millions of followers on her YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts. She posts on a weekly basis video blogs, news, tutorials, how-tos and various other tips and tricks on cosmetics.

Chiara Ferragni – The Blonde Salad

Los Angeles-based Chiara Ferragni tops the list as one of the most popular beauty and cosmetics bloggers worldwide. Her 5.6 million Instagram followers and 1.2 Facebook subscribers make her one of the most important trendsetters in the industry. Her success has attracted some powerful brands,  Pantene and Amazon Fashion Europe naming her their brand ambassadors for 2016.

Wendy Nguyen – Wendy’s LookBook

With more than 650,000 YouTube subscribers and 35 million views on her video “25 Ways to Tie a Scarf”, Wendy is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the cosmetics industry. She posts several times per week various outfits, makeup and cosmetics artistry, together with a list of products she used on her work.

Aimee Song – Song of Style

Song of Style is one of the most popular cosmetics and fashion blogs in the United States. The brainchild of Aimee Song, a Los Angeles-based fashion designer and journalist, Song of Style features weekly articles, product lists, tutorials and reviews. Aimee’s blog has a huge following on Instagram – more than 3.8 million followers and a strong YouTube presence.

Kristina Bazan – Kayture

Everyone was amazed when Kristina Bazan, a 22-year old Swiss model and blogger, was named L’Oreal brand ambassador. The deal, worth millions, was in recognition of her hard work on the Kayture blog, one of the leading cosmetics and beauty blogs in Europe. She has more than 2.5 million Instagram followers and a huge Facebook fanbase.



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